Who we are

Packetwerk is a startup based in Leipzig, Germany that has a novel user‐ and threat‐centric inline real-time analytical approach to network security and optimization.

Packetwerk knows that it's all about protecting what is valuable to the business. We know that data networks exist to serve the business and needs to balance areas of risk with their associated costs. We know that humans can be part of the initial problem but also need to be given the right information to be part of the solution. We know that in today’s world and with BYOD there is no longer a clear demarcation between the perimeter and the internal network. We know that it is no longer about detecting and monitoring but rather analyzing and understanding. We know it is all about protecting the user and their traffic.

We also know that security isn't about a single magic box but an ecosystem of solutions sharing information and interacting together to provide an integrated comprehensive protection. Above all, we know that with the ever changing fast-paced threat landscape any meaningful protection can only be achieved with deep network analytics that does not only protect the perimeter but also the internal traffic from external threats and internal malicious users.

What we do

Packetwerk is in the advanced stages of developing the next generation of context aware network security systems that address real‐world requirements and pains of enterprises trying to keep up with the ever-changing enterprise information technologies while ensuring effective network security protection.

Our solution consists of a platform independent threat detection and protection system that uses inline real‐time correlation of all perimeter and internal traffic and threat-signatures at 100s of Gigabits of throughput either on virtual machines or on powerful servers.

Our proprietary context aware packet‐core processing engine is capable of processing tens of millions of packets while performing correlation between all the packets in real‐time and at wire-speed. Our systems can be installed at the perimeter or deep inside the network and do real‐time analytics to detect multi‐vector and multi‐actor persistent threats as well as abnormal behavior. We also believe the best threat protection systems requires powerful visual reporting that enable network and security administrators to interactively understand and analyze all network traffic and events visually.



Visibility‐driven approach to provide insight into users, devices, OS, applications, virtual machines, connections, and files for real-time contextual awareness. Ensures a holistic view of the network and makes it possible to detect suspicious and abnormal behavior as it happens. Delivers granular application visibility and URL and content intelligence help to reduce the overall attack surface.

Control & Secure

Manage perimeter applications and protocols and control external SaaS and Shadow IT applications. Provides the security to ensure that only approved applications are allowed to take resources and intellectual property from the business network.

Detect & Protect

Detect advanced persistent threats using real-time, inline correlation leveraging context-awareness, IPS definitions, malware detection, content-awareness and URL signatures. Use the inline correlation engine and rules syntax or associated visual GUI to create powerful stateful policies that allow maximum network usage while protecting your valuable business assets.

Optimize & Manage

Control perimeter and internal network traffic access using advanced correlative policies and analytics. Optimize network traffic usage and continuous security monitoring and mitigation and achieve compliance goals.

Management Team

Some of the people that are Packetwerk.

Tilo Dinger Chief Executive
Sven Röthig Chief Engineering

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Data Analytics (f/m)

Data Scientist – Search and Analytics, Data Analysis and Machine Learning (f/m)

You design and build the reporting aspects of our log management and network data security products working in close collaboration with product management.
Data Analytics

Java Developer (f/m)

You design and build the reporting aspects of our log management and network data security products working in close collaboration with product management.

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